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Noise Mitigation & Acoustical Services

Noise Mitigation & Acoustical Services

Our extensive knowledge in the Industry of Noise Control allows us to tailor to your specific needs with the most cost-effective solutions. Absolute Noise Control has a full service line of Noise Consulting, Mitigation Services, and Pipe Wraps. Our dedication to Client Satisfaction has been the key factor in our continued success. Our implementation of the most advanced acoustical measurement technology combined with our high grade materials, creates outstanding acoustical ratings. 

ANC can perform sound surveys and online noise monitoring to determine what type of noise management plan will work for you. With over 30 years of combined experience in noise consultation and strategic noise mitigation services, our extensive knowledge in the industry allows us to help you find a cost-effective solution specific to your project and needs.

We offer state-of-the-art, web-based 24-Hr sound monitoring, noise impact & prediction modeling services, as well as an extensive catalog of premium quality, professionally fabricated sound-reduction wraps and structures.

Some of the acoustical services we offer include:

  • Ambient Sound Level Surveys (Background Sound Level ex: wind, water, traffic)
  • Operational, Frequency and Compressor Sound Level Surveys
  • Compliance Verification Surveys (tailored to regional compliance specifications)
  • Noise Management Plans
  • Noise Impact and Prediction Models
  • On-Line Noise Monitoring – View the Real-Time sound levels and listen to audio at the drill site from the computer. This technology allows us to notify the client and resolve the issue quickly.

Example of our sound mitigation

We implement the most advanced acoustical measurement technology available and our products are manufactured with high grade materials offering outstanding acoustical ratings.

We offer a proactive vs. reactive approach to the increasing environmental noise regulations.

Example of a mitigated noise impact model on the right.
(The Acoustical Barrier is labeled in red.)

online noise monitoring

Online Noise Monitoring

We offer state-of-the-art online noise monitoring that gives our clients the capability to view the real-time sound levels and listen to audio events at their drill site or compressor location on our desktop app. This technology allows us to notify our clients or governing body of any compliance issues and resolve that issue quickly. Our system is rugged and dependable with a user-friendly interface that can be accessed 24/7. 

Online Noise Monitoring


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