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Absolute Noise Control

“Building Your Success Quietly”

Absolute Noise Control, LLC was founded in 2011. Our primary objective is to provide quality (yet affordable) noise consultation and strategic noise mitigation services. We offer state-of-the-art, web-based 24-Hr sound monitoring, noise impact & prediction modeling services, as well as an extensive catalog of premium quality, professionally fabricated sound-reduction structures which include Temporary Sound Walls, semi-permanent (Hybrid) sound walls, SPS Permanent Sound Walls and fully enclosed acoustical buildings.

As the demand for urban drilling increases, we’re committed to serving both the operator and the neighboring communities by alleviating the noise issues associated with oil & gas operations. We are constantly working to develop new sound abatement strategies to lower cost and improve visual aesthetics, ensuring positive public relations are enjoyed by the operators while maintaining peace within the community.

Our business was founded on the simple principles of integrity, dedication to customer service, product superiority and cost efficiency. We’re extremely proud of our sustained growth and will never forget to show our gratitude to the loyal clients who have made, and continue to make our success possible. Our door is always open and our phones are always on. Contact us at your convenience to experience the service that sets us apart from our competitors.