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Permanent Solutions

Semi-Permanent Acoustical Enclosures

Our Semi-Permanent Acoustical Enclosure is designed to be a cost-effective solution to a typical compressor enclosure. Our modular systems are 90% constructed offsite. Once onsite, installation takes as few as 5 days. The structures foundation can be bolted directly to the compressor skid or footing can be installed under the skid, thus a typical concrete pier is not required.

Permanent Acoustical Panels

All of our Permanent Acoustical Panels are designed and engineered to deliver the best possible noise mitigation at the most cost-efficient price. Most of our barriers are designed and engineered in house and fabricated on site. We can customize and construct the barrier safely and efficiently to your plans. Our standard permanent panels are rated STC-40 and NRC-1. Barriers can be designed with a higher STC rating necessary. We can install man doors, truck doors, and canopies over your equipment as well. In some cases, we can also retrofit existing structures increasing the sound abatement to comply with local noise ordinances.

Full Acoustical Enclosures

Every location is different; there are many variables to consider when constructing an Acoustical Enclosure. We design all of our Acoustical Enclosures to meet all variables and install our enclosures in accordance with local building codes. Our standard Acoustical Enclosures feature a fully customizable layout and carry an STC rating of 40 and absorption rating of NRC-1. All enclosures can be designed with a higher STC rating necessary. We can install man doors, truck doors, overhead cranes, infrared fire detection systems, air induction fans, and more to meet your specific needs. Most of our Full Acoustical Enclosures come with state-of-the-art silencer banks that are specifically designed to provide adequate airflow to the compressor while maintaining noise abatement.

Compressor Covers & Roofs

Our compressor covers are manufactured using a galvanized steel tubular frame with 26 gauge pre-painted r panel roof and side walls. Depending on the compressors piping, the structure can be assembled in as little as 2 days. The foundation consists of a steel footing system which does not require a Dig Test nor requires costly concrete piers.

Wellhead Covers

  • Easily Assembled in 4 hours
  • 12′ x 12′ x 10′
  • 4′ x 4′ Top Hatch
  • 2″ x 2″ 14 Gauge Metal Tubular Frame
  • 2 each 3070 Man Doors
  • 360 degree Viewing Window
  • Anchored with concrete blocks & adjustable turnbuckles
  • Certified welded construction
  • Cold weather application for sale or rent
  • 30 day minimum rental
  • Hot work permit not needed for construction
  • Meets most snow load requirements
  • Custom penetrations for piping purposes available
  • Custom colors available with minimum


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