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Acoustical Testing & Solutions

We offer state-of-the-art noise testing and prediction modeling as well as an extensive catalog of premium quality sound-reduction solutions.


  • Ambient Sound Level Surveys
  • Noise Mitigation Plans
  • Noise Impact & Prediction Modeling
  • Temporary Acoustical Solutions
  • Permanent Acoustical Solutions

Temporary Acoustical Solutions

  • Range from 8ft – 40ft tall
  • Panels constructed from 16ga, 2in square tubing with additional options for gates available
  • Acoustic blankets rates at sound transmission class -27 *=(stc) and noise reduction coefficient -.5 (nrc)
  • Blanket interior constructed from 1lb mass loaded vinyl; ad from 1lb mass loaded vinyl; ad Whisperdry SANWF (Sound Absorbing non-woven fiber)
  • All materials used in blankets are FR rated Blank exterior covered by a vinyl uv-protective shell

Permanent Acoustical Solutions

  • Range from 8ft – 40ft tall
  • Engineered in house
  • Fabricated on site
  • Customized to fit the job site needs Standard STC-40, can vary based on the need and NRC-1
  • Can be designed with higher STC when necessary
  • Man door and truck door customization available

Our Process


After identifying the noise source, we create a plan for noise mitigation.

Measure & Report

We use high-quality equipment and programs to create sound impact models, outdoor sound assesments, and environment noise monitoring and code compliance studies, plus a 24/7 live feed and tracking of noise levels. 

Design & Develop

After noise studies have been completed, ANC offers a variety of solutions tat are custom fit to any specifications required.


Our team of professionals are here for the complete installation of your customized noise mitigation products.


We're the experts in Noise Mitigation Solutions! As the demand for drilling continues to increase, we are committed to serving both the operator as well as the neighboring communities by alleviating the noise issues associated with oil, gas, and commercial construction operations. 

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