Temporary Acoustical Barriers



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About our Temporary
Acoustical Barriers

We can install our Temporary Acoustical Barriers in heights ranging from 8ft to 32ft tall. The individual acoustical panels measure 8’ tall x 20’ long and are constructed out of 16ga, 2-inch square tubing. Each panel is then covered with a custom-made acoustical blanket that is rated up to STC-32 and NRC-85.  

The interior of the blanket consists of 1lb MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl), which blocks the transmission of un-wanted sound levels across the frequency spectrum, and another layer of WhisperDri™ SANWF, (Sound Absorbing Non-Woven Fiber.) The WhisperDri™ insulation is a proprietary blend of synthetic fibers that allow noise to be absorbed into the barrier and prevents it from being reflected back into the job site. 

The exterior of the blanket is covered with a gray vinyl UV-protected shell which faces away from the noise source and a vinyl mesh screen facing toward the noise source to allow for noise absorption. All materials used in the construction of the blanket have a superb FR rating. 

  • Range from 8ft – 40ft tall
  • Panels constructed from 16ga, 2in square tubing with additional options for gates available
  • Acoustic blankets rates at sound transmission class -27 *=(stc) and noise reduction coefficient -.5 (nrc)
  • Blanket interior constructed from 1lb mass loaded vinyl; ad from 1lb mass loaded vinyl; ad Whisperdry SANWF (Sound Absorbing non-woven fiber)
  • All materials used in blankets are FR rated
  • Blank exterior covered by a vinyl uv-protective shell


We're the experts in Noise Mitigation Solutions! As the demand for drilling continues to increase, we are committed to serving both the operator as well as the neighboring communities by alleviating the noise issues associated with oil, gas, and commercial construction operations. 

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