Free-Standing Acoustical Barriers



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About our Free-Standing
Acoustical Barriers

Our Free Standing Acoustical Panels are 8’ wide x 12’& 16’ tall. These panels are light weight and easily installed with a 3-man crew, (no equipment necessary.) The panels share a support leg on each side and can be setup in any configuration. The panels are then anchored into the ground with 1-inch iron rod stakes which are driven through the support legs to prevent the panels from blowing over. One-inch angle iron braces are supplied and attached to the leg and panel for extra stability. The acoustical blanket attached to the panels are rated STC-27 and NRC- 85.

The interior of the blanket consists of ½ lb. MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl), which blocks the transmission of unwanted sound levels, and another layer of ½ inch open cell foam. The open cell foam allows noise to be absorbed into the Acoustical Panel and prevents it from being reflected back into the job site. The exterior of the blanket is covered with a gray vinyl UV-protected shell which faces away from the noise source and a vinyl mesh screen facing toward the noise source to allow for noise absorption. All materials used in the construction of the blanket have a superb FR rating. These panels can be rented daily or purchased.

  • Standard 8ft wide by 112ft tall
  • Base footprint is 8ft-12ft
  • Engineered to meet wind load ratings without penetrating the ground level
  • 2in angle iron braes are provided for stability
  • Sound Transmission Class-27 (STC)
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient -.5 (NRC)


We're the experts in Noise Mitigation Solutions! As the demand for drilling continues to increase, we are committed to serving both the operator as well as the neighboring communities by alleviating the noise issues associated with oil, gas, and commercial construction operations. 

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