Semi-Permanent (Hybrid) Acoustical Barriers



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About our Semi-Permanent (Hybrid) Acoustical Barriers

Our Semi-Permanent Acoustical Enclosure is designed to be a cost-effective solution to a typical compressor enclosures. Our modular systems are 90% constructed offsite.

Once onsite, installation takes as few as 5 days. The structures foundation can be bolted directly to the compressor skid or footing can be installed under the skid, thus a typical concrete pier is not required. 

  • Ideal for compressor facilities and pumping units
  • Engineered to be easily installed, removed, and reused from project to project
  • Range from 12ft-16ft tall
  • Constructed with perforated paneling and acoustical insulation
  • Interior side of panels absorbs noise with a noise reduction lass-1 (NRC)


We're the experts in Noise Mitigation Solutions! As the demand for drilling continues to increase, we are committed to serving both the operator as well as the neighboring communities by alleviating the noise issues associated with oil, gas, and commercial construction operations. 

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