Permanent Acoustical Barriers



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About our Permanent Acoustical Barriers

All of our Permanent Acoustical Panels are designed and engineered to deliver the best possible noise mitigation at the most cost-effective price.

Most of our barriers are designed and engineered in-house and fabricated on-site. We can customize and construct the barrier safely and efficiently to your plans. Our standard permanent panels are rated STC-40 and NRC-1. Barriers can be designed with a higher STC rating necessary.

We can install man doors, truck doors, and canopies over your equipment as well. In some cases, we can also retrofit existing structures increasing the sound abatement to comply with local noise ordinances.

  • Customized to fit your job needs
  • Noise reductio coefficient -1 (NRC), and sound transmission class -40 (STC) can vary based on need
  • Options of higher sound transmission class (STC)
  • Man door and truck door cutomizataions


We're the experts in Noise Mitigation Solutions! As the demand for drilling continues to increase, we are committed to serving both the operator as well as the neighboring communities by alleviating the noise issues associated with oil, gas, and commercial construction operations. 

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